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The Chelmsford Quilters' Guild has its own private Yahoo! Group just for members to discuss guild and quilting related topics with fellow guild members. If you join this list you can easily communicate via email (or by the Yahoo website) with all of the others on the list. In the past we have discussed things like favorite quilt stores, carpooling to shows, and more.

Our Guild photographer (Jeff) posts his photos there every month, and you can also find PDFs of old newsletters.

To join, send an email to Tina van Roggen (see the Guild Directory for her email address.) She will send you an invitation email.

...And of course, you do not have to be a member of the Yahoo! group in order to receive the official emails from the guild — those will continue to be sent to all who have given email addresses to the guild.


Many of our members are on FaceBook, so we have a presence there as well. We post notices of interest to our members, meeting information, and other requests.

You don't need to subscribe or request or whatever, just go to The Chelmsford Quilters Guild page and "like" us. Our notices will appear in your news feed like any of your other groups, liked pages, and friends.

You can also look at who has liked us and, maybe, find a few people from the guild to "friend" for yourself.