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Every other year, the Chelmsford Quilt Guild makes a group project to raise money for our expenses and to share with another local charity.

Previous Quilts

2018 CQG Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 2018.
Coordinated by Maryann Geiser and Amy Lindsay. Made by members of the guild. Proceeds to be shared between our Guild and the Lowell Transitional Living Center.

2017 CQG Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 2017.
Made by Anne Gallo. Proceeds shared between the New England Quilt Museum, and the guild.

2016 CQG Quilt 2016
Chelmsford Quilt 2016.
Made by Jackie Kudron. Proceeds shared between Alternative House, Days For Girls, and the guild.

CQG Quilt 2015
"Owl" 2014-2015 was designed by Debbie Janes and Anne Gallo. The background is from a pattern by Barbara Becker. The applique design is from a pattern by Toni Whitney

CQG Quilt 2010
Back View of "Owl" quilt 2014-2015, raised money for the House of Hope and our Guild. Quilted by Cricket Lomicka.

CQG Quilt 2012 "Watercolor Reflections" (2012), raised money for the New England Quilt Museum, Elder Services of Merrimac Valley and our Guild. It was designed by Kristy Medina and was quilted by Cheryl Dennis of Finally Quilted.

CQG Quilt 2010
"We Are All Stars" 2010 - raised money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and our Guild. It was designed by Gerre Clements and quilted by Cheryl Dennis of Finally Quilted.

CQG 2008 Quilt
"Chelmsford Star", 2008. Proceeds shared with New England Quilt Museum. Designers: B. Foote-Lacroix, Carol Smith, Eileen Ryan, Cathy Koufogazos, Anne Gallo, Jeanne Glenfield, Sharon Bogin. Quilter: Michelle Pflaum.

CQG 2006 Quilt
"Chelmsford Rose" 2006.
Designed by B. Foote-LaCroix and Eileen Ryan.
Proceeds to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Lowell.

CQG 2004 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 2004.
Blocks made by members. Assembled by Sue Lerch. Hand quilted by members. Pattern: Interwoven Diamonds from Quilters Cache by Marcia Hohn.

CQG 2001 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 2001.
Blocks by members. Hand quilted.

CQG 1999 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 1999.

CQG 1998 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 1998. Proceeds were shared with House of Hope

CQG 1997 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 1997.

CQG 1996 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 1996.

CQG 1995 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 1995. Proceeds went to Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, Boston Chapter, in honor of our past president Sally Osborn.

CQG Quilt 1993 "Road to Okalahma" was auctioned off in 1993 to benefit Camp Paul and the Chelmsford Quilters' Guild.

Jean Whiting writes: " I was quilt chair that year. Members contributed a huge amount of blocks, our committee assembled the quilt (Sandra Ludwig, Marie Philippon, Faye Trask and me) and we put it on the quilting frame at Millie Cunningham’s shop overlooking the Tyngsborough bridge. Members hand quilted it over the Memorial Day weekend, I think. I don’t remember anything about who won it. Sorry. I do remember that we had tons of blocks (of many dimensions!) left over. Faye won them."

CQG 1991 Quilt

"Road to S. Louie". Chelmsford Quilt 1991.

CQG 1990 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 1990.

CQG 1989 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 1989.

CQG 1987 Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt 1987.

CQG Quilt
Chelmsford Quilt - unknown date.